Saturday, April 8, 2023

Gospel Reflection Matthew 28:1-10

Today’s Gospel reading gives us St. Matthew’s account of the Resurrection. The reading is part of the Easter Vigil Mass. Vigil means to be awake or to be lively. The faithful stand vigil tonight as we anticipate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a quiet time. One of reflection and remembrance. 

And so we wait.

Perhaps we think back on the Lenten season that began in the throes of winter. As we pray and fast, the weather begins to change. But not completely. Not yet. The dregs of cold cling with the last vestiges of their energy, reminding us where we’ve come from. Sun and warmth are nearly here. Renewal and restoration beckon just beyond the horizon. With the freshness of spring comes genesis; new life miraculously unfolds from invisible seedlings and buds. The life we see coming up before us was only just a fallen leaf, a withering stalk. Frozen, dry, and vapid. 

And so we wait. 

Thankfully, we have the wonderful subtlety of St. Matthew’s Gospel to occupy us in the waning hours until Jubilation. 

The emotions of St. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary perfectly capture what we feel; fearful, yet overjoyed. We can only look in awe, bowing our heads and prostrating ourselves before the infinite love of God that not only deigned to take on flesh but to suffer and be confined to a tomb. That tomb, like all others one day, is a great symbol of cosmic victory. The light shines into the darkness, overcomes, and all of creation rejoices as it is released from its bondage. As winter must yield to the power of the sun, death must yield to the Creator of life.

And so we wait. 

It’s almost here…

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